Kobe Season 17: Return of the Mamba

Kobe has been in the news the last couple of days. People are anxiously awaiting his return, especially now that he signed that big contract extension. Ever since Kobe was cleared to practice everyone has asked the same question, “When is Kobe going to play?”

My answer: be patient. Kobe just came out and said that he is “weeks away.” I predicted Kobe would return for the Christmas game which seems more likely now given Kobe’s recent statement. That boy likes to make an entrance, and we all know the stars and cameras will be watching. However, it is important that we do not rush him.

The Lakers have been mediocre thus far, but bringing him back early will only put unwanted pressure on him and lead to another injury. Kobe cannot carry this team on his own so we need to see the big picture. We have a 35 year old guard who just suffered a ruptured Achilles. Since we just gave him a $48.5 million extension, we probably should protect our asset.

We need to understand that most players do not return from this injury (just ask Charles Barkley). Therefore if Kobe is going to act like the Greek God he is then we need to help lift him up (both figuratively and literally).

Lakers fans, I understand you are anxious and want the man to return. I miss him too, but let’s call a spade a spade. Even if Kobe returns before 2014, the Lakers will not be a team that can contend for the title. The Lakers do not have the talent. Therefore lets let Kobe reach his maximum potential and rest those feet. This is the first break he has had in years.

Next summer we will have cap space and possibly a really good team. I want Kobe to be the best possible 36 year old he can be, but that won’t happen if we bring him back to early and let him re injure himself.


2 thoughts on “Kobe Season 17: Return of the Mamba

  1. I agree although I am disappointed in Kobe who doesn’t need the $, and the Lakers,who should know better, for this huge contract which limits the Lakers ability to dramatically improve their team. Kobe is no Tom Brady or Tim Duncan.

    • While I agree it would have been nice for Kobe to take less money, this was the first and only offer the Lakers gave. I will not chastise the man for not asking for less since management was stupid enough to start with such a high number.

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