Help Wanted: Guards

Help Wanted: Guards

Right now the Lakers have 3 injured guards: Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Jordan Farmar. In a league that is being taken over by guards, Mitch needs to bring in some help. Our bench has already exceeded all expectations by staying in the .500 range without Bryant and Nash, but now it has lost an important member that made up a lot of that scoring. Henry and Young are shooting way more than most small forwards do and Meeks and Johnson have been impressive shooting guards this season, but we lack point guards.

Steve Blake is our only uninjured point guard. Mike has been basically playing Meeks and Johnson in the point position, but they are shooting guards, not point guards. We need someone who is going to set up plays and get guys easy shots, and no offense to our team, but none of them draw a double team.

Since it appears that both Kobe and Jordan will be returning to the line up soon, Mitch should sign a point guard or two to a short term contract. If the guards are only playing a few games it should not mess up any team chemistry, but could alleviate some pressure. Then when Kobe returns he will hog the ball anyway so point guards will be unnecessary.


2 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Guards

    • I do not have any strong opinions on that matter. Unfortunately there are not great options at this point. I would recommend they pick a foreign player who the scouts are more familiar with than me.

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