To Play, or Not To Play

Lakers Hamlet

Lakers Hamlet

To play, or not to play: that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer…

Don’t worry LakHer fans I am ending the soliloquy there. Since I have a family full of English majors and a brother whose favorite Shakespeare play is Hamlet, I am going to stop while I am ahead.

Now back to the original question: to play, or not to play? I am referring to Kobe Bryant coming back this season. Kobe is going to be reevaluated next week. While watching the game last night, Charles Barkley kept bringing up an interesting point: he said Kobe should sit the rest of the season. He pointed out that the Lakers season is over and bringing Kobe back will just hurt the Lakers chances at a good pick. I have to agree.

I picked this soliloquy because it is famous and it fits. It is about suicide and death which I think is a good metaphor for this Lakers season. If Kobe is healthy but agrees not to play, that would be on par with suicide (for him of course), and the Lakers would be killing their season.

I strongly believe that we need to lose and take advantage of this draft. I think Lakers fans will be sorely disappointed with the free agency options this summer and instead we should put all of our effort into being the worst team possible so that we can get an amazing pick this summer and then go after Kevin Love in 2015. I think we have a real shot at him since he hates playing for the Timberwolves and he used to play for UCLA (we know those UCLA players like playing for the Lakers).

Now, back to my original point: Kobe should rest this season and let the Lakers plummet. I know as a fan that is a tough multimillion dollar pill to swallow. I love watching the Black Mamba play and it has been a tough year watching him on sit on the bench. However, we need to think big picture. I want him to stay healthy since he is old and has a massive contract. Additionally, I want that top pick.

I know this is a moot point since Kobe will never sit on the bench if he is healthy. That man has been known to put himself in the game since all coaches except the Zen Master fear him. My hope is that Gary somehow convinces him that it is in his best interest to sit tight.

If we really can’t convince Kobe to sit out the season, I vote we bring back Kwame Brown and any and all bad players just to make the worst roster possible. That shouldn’t be too difficult since we are already almost at that point.


My Silence

Shhh! I am reading my favorite Lakers blog!

Shhh! I am reading my favorite Lakers blog!

I know it has been a while since I have posted to this blog (my apologies Christy). To be perfectly honest I do have a reason: I have found it extremely difficult to watch the Lakers the last few weeks. The games have been so brutal that it is hard to find the will and the energy to both find them online and stay up until 1 in the morning just to watch them lose.

The other night my friend Abi convinced me to put on the Bulls game since it had gone to overtime. By the time I found the game I just caught the game winning shot. That’s right, my only image of that game was Harris laying it in with virtually no one stopping him. I have complained about the Lakers defense all season long so I am not surprised that it was their downfall yet again. However, here is the kicker, I am not going to use this post to complain.

I hate those blogs that simply whine without offering constructive criticism, and since I am not going to offer constructive criticism I will not whine. I said in the beginning of the season that we would be mediocre and I was upset that we would go down that road. With back-to-back summers of epic free agency and deep drafts it seemed illogical not to play that game. Sure we are opening up cap space but that seems like a lost pursuit. Honestly I do not think we have a great shot at getting “Super Star” quality free agents. The fit doesn’t seem to be there, but we may have a shot at a few solid role players. Instead, I think we have a great shot of getting some great draft picks if we play our cards right.

I know it isn’t the Lakers way to tank a season and get a top pick. Normally our GM works some magic and makes a trade. However, times have changed. People hate giving us good players because they hate seeing us win. If you don’t believe me just look back a couple of years ago when David Stern nixed our Chris Paul trade because the other owners were mad that we got him. Therefore, I think it is extremely unlikely that anyone will give us a draft pick, especially since we have nothing to offer. Anyone want a 40 year old point guard who can’t go a game without hurting himself?

Now I know that Lakers fans are hoping for a resurgence like last year. They want the team to go together go on a tear to squeeze into the playoffs. However, I would like to remind those fans that we got swept last year in an embarrassing fashion. I just don’t see the point in getting to the playoffs if you know you don’t have a shot.

I am going to be completely honest. Looking at a best case scenario of everyone being healthy and playing with great chemistry, we still lose in the first round. We simply aren’t talented enough. I appreciate this team and the fact that they leave it all on the floor. These boys play with all their heart and that is something that his been missing in our diva team for a while. However, heart only goes so far. We saw on the Christmas day game that even though they played so hard and managed to disrupt the Big 3, they could not win the game because Miami is more talented.

That is why I am going to end this blog on a bittersweet note. I want us to keep losing and go for a top pick. They are cheaper and don’t have the egos of the more established players in the NBA. Also, they are probably more likely to let Kobe continue to run the team for a couple of more years (if his health permits). I have hope in this regard. After all, if there is one thing D’Antoni is good at doing, it is losing.