Unlucky Number 7

Seven Consecutive Losses at Home

Seven Consecutive Losses at Home

In Vegas they say “Lucky Number 7.” As someone who just lost $20 in Vegas due to people rolling 7s (and whose brother Adam lost $100), I am going to say that number is not so lucky. It is definitely not for the Lakers who just made history for all the wrong reasons.

After blowing the OKC game, the Lakers set a franchise record. They have just lost 7 consecutive home games. They originally made history when they lost 6 because no Lakers team had lost that many consecutive games at Staples Center. Then they had to make matters worse by teasing us with a possible win.

They lead the game for 3.5 quarters. It was all Lakers. I was actually enjoying the game. Then the Lakers fell apart as Durant got hot. It was painful, mostly because I hate losing but also because I am recovering from the flu and can’t believe I actually stayed awake to watch that crap.

Mitch came out today and said that he could not throw games just to get a bad record and a great draft pick. After tonight I realized that he doesn’t need to, because the Lakers are incapable of closing out games. We will keep losing regardless of what moves he makes at the deadline. With that uplifting note, enjoy the All Star Weekend in my current city and check back in later to see if Pau is still wearing the purple and gold.


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