Throwback Thursday

Yesterday Kobe came out and discussed next season. He said the Lakers will come back with a vengeance and that he will remember all of the people who doubted him and the team. This made me think of another time the Lakers made a major come back. Exactly 1 year ago I watched the Lakers come back in enemy territory.

Abi and I after the Lakers game

Abi and I after the Lakers game

March 6, 2013 appeared to be a major loss in the making. My friend Abi and I managed to score awesome seats in the Hornets arena to watch them take on the Lakers. We were pretty lucky since we were in an area that was mostly filled with Lakers fans, but the game itself was disastrous. For 3 quarters the Lakers got their asses handed to them. Hornets fans rejoiced and taunted us.

Since we are true fans, we decided that we would wait until the 9 minute mark to see if they could cut down the lead. Sure enough they did. Then we said we would reevaluate at the 5 minute mark. Before we knew it the game got interesting. We were cheering and having fun. The Lakers were made the fourth quarter come back and managed to win the game.

Scoreboard of the Lakers Victory

Scoreboard of the Lakers Victory

Kobe’s remarks reminded me of that game because all hope appeared to be lost, but then out of no where they made me believe again. That is the beauty of this organization. No matter how dark things can get, they manage to bring back that beacon of light.

I am not sure that they can make a championship turnaround in one season. I think it will probably take 2 or 3, but my hope is not lost. I believe in the Black Mamba, and I believe in the Los Angeles Lakers.

I would like to add one little side note before I go. Happy Birthday to the Big Diesel and have fun watching the Lakers vs the Clippers. Here’s to hoping we get that win.



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