Caught RED Handed

10151268_10152444553402223_4222008795063878859_nEarlier this week red, white, and blue balloons were hung on the Lakers statues for the Clippers first game against the Golden State Warriors. I have waited to write about this because I was very angry, and didn’t want to say something I would regret later. I try to keep this blog classy for my mother.

I was so angry I was throwing around words like vandalism and desecration. While this act may not be at that level, it was distasteful. It was a form of gloating, and I do believe it did defile the statues on a level.

I have read articles about how there is no security around those statues because the people of LA would never dare to disrespect them. So, to whoever decided to put those balloons up, congratulations, you have reached a level that even the lowest of LA wouldn’t dare to stoop to. I am not sure who put those balloons up, whether it was the Clippers organization themselves, or if it was just a fan. Either way, I have decided to take the high road. I look at this act and take pity upon the Clippers. They may be in the playoffs, but we still rule the town. We have the 16 banners, 9 retired jerseys, and 4 statues. The Clippers have nothing.


If Sterling himself authorized those balloons, it would not surprise me. That man has been the epitome of distaste. It would also explain why karma bit him so hard in the ass today.

In case you are unaware, Sterling’s racism came to light again today with a recorded call obtained by TMZ.

In case you did not click on the link, here is the summary: Sterling yelled at his girlfriend for posting a picture on Instagram of her with Magic Johnson, said he didn’t want to be associated with black people, and said he did not want Magic or other black people attending his games.

Not only did Sterling piss off Lakers fans this week with those balloons, but now he has pissed off the African American community and probably Dodgers fans (Magic is an owner).

Sterling is facing an uphill battle in trying to overtake the Lakers, and now he goes and bans black people? Nice move.

Not only has he angered an entire community, but he has also put his ownership at stake. Adam Silver released a statement today saying that they are reviewing the tape to make sure it is Sterling and will then take appropriate action. The analysts of the TNT halftime show are already calling for a massive fine and suspension. I am not entirely sure what that means for an owner, so I will wait to see what his punishment ends up being.

Maybe Silver will try to take the Clippers away from Sterling like the MLB did to the McCourts a few years ago. Only time will tell. It does hurt his relationship with fans and players. Will Chris Paul want to keep playing for a racist, especially if the Lakers have the money to pick him up next year?

The Clippers players are furious. Some even reported that their families were pressuring them not to play tomorrow, and to take a stand. The players are going to play, but they have told reporters that they want Sterling gone.

I have never been a fan of Donald Sterling. He has been accused to racism when it comes to his tenants and our beloved Elgin Baylor. In the past Donald has been able to buy his way out of trouble. Let’s hope that Adam Silver can finally take away his power and get him out of the NBA. Sorry Donald, karma is a real bitch.





3 thoughts on “Caught RED Handed

  1. The Donald is pathetic. Just goes to show….you can have all the $ in the world, own a professional sports team, a huge law firm, gazillions of dollars in real estate and still be worthless.

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