How the NBA Reporters Almost Ruined My Finals Night

LeBron James giving his post game interview

LeBron James giving his post-game interview

I woke up very tired this morning, and it is not because I was emotionally exhausted after watching an intense series between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers come to an exciting conclusion. Instead, I was tired because I stayed up late watching the post-game coverage. You might be wondering why I stayed up to watch this coverage since I have no allegiance to either team. Well here is the answer: I wanted to see LeBron’s interview.

There were 2 questions I wanted to hear LeBron James answer:

  1. You have a player option to come back and play for the Cavaliers, are you going to come back, or will you explore free agency again?
  2. You said throughout these playoffs that you had a secret motivation. What was it?

I sat watching post-game coverage for an hour before LeBron finally took his seat at the podium, but no one asked either of my 2 questions. The closest anyone got to asking either of those questions was when one reporter asked LeBron how quickly it would take him to start thinking about next year, to which LeBron replied he isn’ thinking about next year yet. My 2 questions are the only ones that really matter. Instead of asking my questions, the reporters took the opportunity to ask the most frivolous questions.

One reporter actually asked LeBron how much this finals loss hurt in comparison to his other finals losses. Seriously? First of all, that is just a dick question. Way to shit on a guy when he already feels terrible. Second of all, who cares? LeBron actually did a very good job of keeping his composure during these redundant and idiotic questions, but I love the fact he actually gave this “journalist” some attitude. He told him that they all hurt the same, and that an elimination from the Finals hurts no matter what team you are on, or where it happens. Burn! (In text you can’t tell, but there was some sass in his voice).

In case you haven’t figured this out yet, I absolutely hate the basketball “reporters.” I think they ask the stupidest questions. Whenever my dad and I watch the games together we actually make fun of Doris Burke the whole time. The only reason why she gets the brunt of our abuse is because she “interviews” during the game, so I have no choice but to hear the horrible questions she asks the coaches and players. I rarely watch post-game interviews for that very reason. I try to avoid these interviews as much as I can.

I actually love how Greg Popovich and Phil Jackson normally answer their questions. Pop always gives a one word answer, and Phil normally shows some sass. I wouldn’t have a problem with players pulling an Allen Iverson and going off on reporters when they asked these ridiculous questions.


You know that old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all?” Well I would like to revise that rule for NBA reporters: “If you don’t have anything intelligent to ask, then don’t ask anything at all.”

Players and coaches do not like giving these interviews, but they are contractually obligated to do so. I think we are doing a disservice to these men by making them endure these stupid questions. Instead of having these mandated interviews, why don’t NBA officials actually talk to these reporters and ask them if they have any real questions to ask. By the way, I am totally in favor of punishing reporters for asking bad questions. Remember in school if you repeated a question you got in trouble since you were clearly not paying attention? Why not make that rule apply to the reporters as well. Let’s eliminate repeat questions, and if a reporter doesn’t have another question then he can simply pass his turn. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I felt so bad for LeBron last night. Not only did this man endure a heartbreaking loss, but he then had to sit there and answer the same questions asked 10 different ways. Every single reporter asked (in some variation) about his feelings losing the game and how the loss of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love affected the outcome. Only one reporter had an original question and asked him to analyze how Andre Igoudala played defense against him.

As fans we demand greatness from our teams, and I think we should hold the reporters to the same standard.


3 thoughts on “How the NBA Reporters Almost Ruined My Finals Night

  1. I could not agree more. The inane questions posed by these reporters detract from the game. Every player and coach should respond like Pop and maybe then the network will rethink this stupid idea.

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