It’s Time to Waive Nick Young

NickYoungI know there have been a lot of developments I haven’t covered in the last two months. I need to discuss Kobe’s last game, the draft, and free agency. I promise that those blogs are coming, but first I need to discuss the trending topic of the day: Nick Young almost blowing his hand off.

For my fans who didn’t see the story on social media, please see the link below (I apologize in advance for linking TMZ to my blog):

Now that we are all caught up on Nick Young’s latest stupidity, I can say without any hesitation that it is time to waive him. Ideally we would trade him, but no team will take him with this current contract.

I understand that Nick is reeling from his break up with Iggy Azalea, but like I have said in my previous post discussing his infidelities, I still do not give a damn about his personal life. I only care about his contributions to the team, and if he blew off his hand I think it is safe to say that he wouldn’t be much help.

I believed that Nick Young would be traded or waived after the “SnapChat Scandal,” and this latest incident has simply put the nail in the coffin.